Vanquish Fat Reduction has been shown in clinical studies to reduce “belly” fat by 2-4 inches. Vanquish procedures are able to reduce unwanted abdominal fat by eliminating up to 59% of the targeted fat cells. Vanquish is not painful, and does not require anesthesia.

Vanquish is more advanced than other non-invasive Fat Reduction procedures, it is less expensive and has less side effects than other procedures. Vanquish also appears to destroy more fat per treatment than other non-invasive Fat Reduction procedures.

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Q: What is Vanquish?
A: Vanquish is a revolutionary body sculpting technology specially designed to reduce fat with precise thermal energy that selectively targets fat cells in the deep tissue layer of the area you choose. It’s pain-free, with no surgery and no downtime. Most importantly, our patients report high satisfaction with the treatment.

Q: How does it work?
A: Vanquish is a radio-frequency (RF) device that emits an electromagnetic field over a large treatment area. The specially engineered panel hovers over the body area that you choose, allowing for the safe delivery of RF energy to target fat cells, without affecting muscles, skin or organs. You feel only a gentle warming sensation.

Q: Is it safe?
A: Yes. Vanquish has been tested in clinical studies and proven to be safe and effective. It has been cleared by the FDA in the U.S. for deep tissue heating for use in dermatology and aesthetic procedures. There have been no significant side effects reported with Vanquish treatment.

Q: Does it hurt?
A: No. There is virtually no pain or discomfort with Vanquish treatments. Some patients may feel sharp prickly heat when the skin is in direct proximity to the applicator, but most report only a gentle warming sensation. The entire treatment process is monitored by a certified Elite MedSpa clinician.

Q: Who is a candidate for Vanquish?
A: Vanquish is recommended for patients who want to reduce fat without the cost and recovery of surgery. Vanquish works most